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LITES Service 24/24 hours , 7/7 days : CALL +32 225 488 00

We deliver :

  • Technical Assistance by phone
  • Fast intervention on set and replacement of equipment in case of technical problems with LITES equipment.

Remark : This service is not free of charge in following cases :

  • When the failure of the equipment is caused by the client or by third parties,
  • When the failure is triggered by external causes such as wrong or unstable powering.
  • When the LITES equipment is not compatible with other equipment on set.
  • It remains fully jurisdiction of LITES to determine whether or not the service is free of charge.

Rates ( excl VAT ) in that case are:

  • Within business hours : Monday to Friday 8.30 to 18.00 : 45 Euro/h
  • day-hours outside business hours : 90 Euro/h
  • night-hours between 22h and 06 h + Sunday & bank holidays : 135 Euro/h

The intervention hours are counted as follows :

  • Beginning from the reception of the phone call
  • Ending at the return of the technician at his private home

The minimum counted time is 3 hours

Any eventual costs will be charged :

  • 0.6 Euro/km.
  • Travel expenses

This 24h service is an additional service. In no way can it be considered a right of the client. LITES can’t be held liable for any failure ,mistake, delay or non execution of the 24h service regardless of the flaw . We refer to the general conditions of business of LITES. Ordering extra equipment is only possible within business hours. We do not service non-LITES-equipment.

The service is limited to the Belgian Territory